View Full Version : Better IT Skills Project of Thai Worker by Microsoft

Kanok Karn
13th July 2011, 09:41
Microsoft Thailand believes that greater access to technology and the sharing of IT skills can really transform lives and enhance living standards, so we have been focusing a lot of our attention on this in Thailand through our ongoing Microsoft Unlimited Potential initiative, with the establishment of BETTER project.

The project is warmly received by the Thai workforce and plays a vital role in bringing success to their careers in terms of workforce capabilities and job opportunities.

Meanwhile, Microsoft will continue support the development of the Thai workforce in order to prepare them for the upcoming ASEAN free trade in the future.

Microsoft (Thailand) Limited has unveiled the successful results of BETTER project and announced its strong support to enhancing the IT skills of Thailand’s workforce for the third consecutive year. To better strengthen IT skills, the project is introducing a new online Smart Entrepreneur course.

BETTER project also supports ASEAN Free Trade which will take place in 2015 to prepare the Thai workforce to compete with the entire region.