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Kanok Karn
9th July 2011, 09:53
Internet users are wishing for faster download speed for their internet connections although the majority of them are fairly satisfied with the current internet usage, according to a report by the Telecommunications Consumer Protection Institute (TCI).

TCI Director Medical Doctor Prawit Leesatapornwongs revealed the results of the internet speed test conducted via www.speediest.or.th in the first half of 2011. According to the report, there were over two million tests or about 10,915 times each day. The figure dropped by 3,568 times compared with last year’s 14,483 times a day.

The reduction in the speed test frequency is attributed to the repairing operation that internet service providers gave to their customers while some users were offered higher speed at the same price; therefore, internet users did not did not have conduct speed test to check their internet connection speed.

Internet users with 6 Mbps connection speed accounted for 28% of the total internet users, followed by 4 Mbps at 5.4%. Those with 8 Mbps connection speed accounted for 2.7%. The ratio improved as the majority of internet users last year relied on 4 Mbps connection speed.

Internet speed quality for download in general in Thailand stood at 71%. 58% of internet users in June 2011 were satisfied with the current internet connection speed, while 31% were dissatisfied with the internet package they had purchased.

The TCI has been receiving complaints from internet users about the consistency of high-speed internet connection, aftersales service, service fee collection in advance, attempts of internet service providers not to supply information to customers directly, and demands for clearer advertisement.

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