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Kanok Karn
29th June 2011, 09:56
The Suvarnabhumi Airport Rail Link is improving its marketing strategy to encourage more passengers to make use of the check-in services at Makkasan Station after less than 20 users were recorded each day.

Mr Pakorn Tangjetsakao, Acting CEO of SRT Electrified Train Co, Ltd, operator of the Airport Rail Link, revealed that the company had assigned the marketing research unit to modify the current strategy in order to persuade more travelers to check in at Makkasan Station. The low number of service users was found to have been mainly caused by passengersí wish to carry along their luggage as well as tour agenciesí provision of bag transportation services for their clients.

Therefore, the marketing team has been instructed to adopt special promotions and seek cooperation from tour operators in bringing their tour groups to the check-in counter at Makkasan Station before heading to Suvarnabhumi Airport to board their planes. Later on, if travelersí behaviors still suggest low demand for the check-in services outside the airport, the company would need to make proper changes in order to save itself from revenue losses.

Check-in counters were officially opened at Makkasan Station on 4 January this year for Thai Airways International and Bangkok Airways. However, the latter recently decided to close down its services after finding that the average number of users was only 1-2 people per day. The figure for Thai Airways International is currently 15 people per day on average.

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Pee Baa Jub Jub
29th June 2011, 23:55
How about connect the BTS to the airport link to make it even BETTER:confused: