View Full Version : The Nationality of DTAC to be Revealed on 4 July

Kanok Karn
28th June 2011, 08:55
The Director-General of Department of Business Development (DBD), Mr.Banyong Limprayoonwong, said by 4 July 2011, the nationality of DTAC would be identified, adding that there was only one investigation team working on the case.

Following the news concerning the disagreement over who should appoint the investigation team between Deputy Commerce Minister Mr. Alongkorn Ponlaboot and Permanent Secretary for Commerce Mr. Yanyong Puangraj. The lawsuit over the true nationality of DTAC had been filed by True Move which claimed that the former company was owned by the majority shareholders comprising mostly of foreigners.

The report further stated that Mr. Alongkorn preferred Mr. Sanya Satirabutr, his advisor, whereas Mr. Banyong had been nominated to head the team, Mr. Banyong dismissed the news and explained that the investigation team was the only one which he was the leader.

He said that he opposed the request for Mr. Sanya to lead the investigation team due to the fact that Mr. Sanya was a political appointee who should not handle the issue.

The Director-General of Department of Business Development said this had prompted him to report to the Permanent Secretary for Commerce who later decided to appoint him to head the team.

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