View Full Version : AIS Opera Mini GSM Unlimited Social Network

Kanok Karn
11th June 2011, 11:51
The package is available for customers to mix & match and specify to their requirements for the unlimited Thai-smash social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, hi5 and MySpace. GSM Advance has tailored the package into 5 selections: unlimited Facebook , unlimited Twitter, unlimited hi5 and unlimited MySpace for 99 Baht per package per month, and the combined unlimited Facebook and unlimited Twitter for 129 Baht per month.

Social networkers can apply starting on 17th June 2011. Just press “*678” to apply for free. Download from the link provided in the SMS reply or visit AIS Shop, Telewiz every branch nationwide.

This package will satisfy social networkers from every group and segment, as they will be able to access social networks on their mobile phones, without limitations. This underlines AIS's Quality DNAs concept that focuses on quality development in all service dimensions, bringing its customers the highest benefits.

These days, people love to stay connected with their friends to share stories, or photos and have begun to realize the importance of staying connected using this channels. With the use of social networks increasing dramatically in Thailand, this partnership has created an innovative solution for faster mobile browsing, helping AIS promote a value-added, customized service to more of its customers using the Opera Mini browser,.

GSM Advance has extended its concept of “Smart Mix & Match”, introducing its latest add-on package, “GSM Unlimited Social Network by AIS Opera Mini” which removes all limits and delivers the best experience to social networkers using Facebook, Twitter, hi5 and MySpace. Stay connected to all online activity without limits at a better price and higher speed through the intelligent technology of the top-notched Opera Mini browser, which supports every segment of handsets. Apply today simply by dialing “*678”.

Kanokkarn Yoshihira
12th June 2011, 21:54
Sounds like something i should apply for....