View Full Version : Imm Chat News Launching of I-Mobile

Kanok Karn
11th June 2011, 11:48
I-Mobile has launched the latest ads campaign called ‘imm chat’, presenting five functions of chat program via five groups of teenagers with different characters and each group represents the superior effectiveness of each function. The printed advertisement was produced by CJ Work Co., Ltd. while 30-second TV commercial is produced by The Film Factory Co., Ltd. The advertisement was launched on June 9, 2011, via every media channel, namely television, radio, printed media, online media and outdoor media.

i-mobile, in cooperation with network providers, is holding ‘imm chat’ special promotion for the customers. The users can apply for ‘imm chat’ service via their current network providers or apply for new number with AIS, One-2-Call and True Move. The application can be instantly made via i-mobile phones, with 20-baht fee per five days (Excluding vat) and free trial for 30 days.

For the outstanding feature of ‘imm chat’, when users change the mobile phone, SIM card can be removed and inserted in another I-Mobile phone and the contact list remains safe. When customers change the phone numbers, contact list in imm can also be retrieved since the data is in I-Mobile’s server. If they would like to search for a friend, what they can do is not only exchanging the PIN number, but also searching from telephone number, name, sex, age, education or the ones with similar lifestyle.

‘imm chat’ includes five service functions as below:
1. Push Alert: Alert sound and symbol in case of instant chat message
2. File Transfer: Promptly transfer image and audio files
3. Teen Emoticon: Icons to express right emotion and special slangs for teens
4. Friend Search: Find new friends by random search or searching for name, telephone number, PIN number or registered profile. Exclusively for i-mobile users, they can search as a group from key word or group’s name.
5. Group Chat: The capacity is 100 members.

Samart I-Mobile Plc., with an insight to Thai customers’ demand, presents the latest technology and service by introducing “i-mobile instant messaging” or “imm chat”, which is the chat program with five different functions on i-mobile feature phone. In terms of promotion, the Company provides customers with irresistible package charging 20-baht fee per five days and cooperates with network providers like AIS, True Move and DTAC. The service targets teenagers who love chatting and want to communicate with one another anytime and anywhere via i-mobile phones. Furthermore, the Company kicked off the latest advertising campaign of “imm chat” that is super fun and understands the target’s need.