View Full Version : More 10 Million Facebook Users in Thailand

Kanok Karn
8th June 2011, 10:40
Facebook began modestly in Thailand where Hi5 was the most popular social network, while other services like Friendster developed a strong presence across Southeast Asia. Facebook’s gaming, word of mouth of mouth recommendations and photo sharing (which allowed users to email non-users tagged in photos with an invite to join), and other features superior to the competition, helped elevate it, reaching 2 million users in January 2010.

Facebook now has more than 10 million users in Thailand according to statistics from the world’s leading social network. The latest landmark is particularly impressive considering that the country has added an additional five million users since September of last year

Janice Valencia Capulso
4th April 2012, 10:14
Yes this is true! Its called "Thai-invasion" :)