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Pee Baa Jub Jub
31st May 2010, 11:30
Pay Pal and its owner eBay are trying to make more Thai people sell things online using Pay Pal. They are trying to make more people selling things from Thailand to the world so they can get more commission. We have talk to a few people that have problems in Thailand using Pay Pal and this is some warning we have for Thai users.

1.The Thai bank takes extra long time to take out the money and you never get the money on a Monday. They earn interest when the money is on their accounts so they want to keep it extra long.

2.Pay Pal do not have a customer’s service in Thai only English and Chinese.

3.The number you have on their website to Singapore goes to a Call center in China.

4.The call center staff has no authority to actually do anything and do not understand complicated matters.

5.When you email Pay Pal you never get a name or person to contact and they won’t push you to a supervisor because they scared to lose their job. We tried in 10 emails just saying we want to talk to a supervisor and we got just different answers all the time copied from Pay Pal help pages. The only time we talked to a supervisor was when we asked where we could send a lawsuit. A customer tried to inform them about a fraud of Russian people using Pay pal to order things from USA and sending to Thailand and all they got was answer from the help menu in Thailand.

6.A customer sold things and provided photo, tracking number and approval from the customer but still lost the chargeback claim from the Pay Pal. They do not take your side because they make money when you lose a chargeback claim. They can take your money and say they work for it fighting for your case. Pay Pal never give you information about the person doing the chargeback they just say they are fighting for your case.

7.In some case, you need to answer Pay Pal within 10 days but if you have a question, you will not get an answer before 20 days. Meaning you will lose the case since you not answered in time. Therefore, if you need information from Pay Pal they will not give the info before 20 days or never in some case.

Pay Pal is a great tool to use to send money and receive money from customers abroad but if you run into problems, you might lose more then you made in one year. Pay Pal let fraudulent gangs use their system and do not protect you even if they say they do. Pay Pal need to step up the fight against chargeback claims and fraudulent activities and get a customer support in Thai if they wish to remain a top brand in Thailand.

If you have any problems with Pay Pal or need advice please post your questions here in the forum and we will help you contact Pay Pal or tell you how what to do to get the best changes to win a chargeback. If you have your own, experiences please post them as well.

Please do not post passwords or log in information.

12th June 2010, 13:42
aren't there alternatives ? PaysBuy ?

Pee Baa Jub Jub
24th July 2010, 22:52
Yes i guess that are ok i have not had that much buyers from them.