View Full Version : Academics Clarify Mobile Phone Link to Brain Cancer

Kanok Karn
4th June 2011, 09:34
Academics have clarified that radio-frequency electromagnetic fields generated by mobile phones might be one of the causes for brain cancer but there are not sufficient evidence to support this report.

Radiation therapy expert Medical Doctor Saipin Tangkarat from the National Cancer Institute elaborated that brain cancer and tumour can be caused mainly from gene and other factors such as diet, radiation, radio-frequency electromagnetic fields, wireless signals, microwave and x-rays.

Medical Doctor Saipin explained that accumulation of these radiations could lead to tumour as they could change the cell patterns, but would not be as severe as destroying body cells; therefore, what doctors could do was to issue primary warning since it had not been measured how severe it was.

Meanwhile, National Electronics and Computer Technology Centre Director Dr Pansak Siriruchatapong stated that there had been no scientific researches to confirm that radio-frequency electromagnetic fields could cause brain tumour or cancer.

Dr Pansak noted that the intensity of radio-frequency electromagnetic fields must be very high to cause tumour or cancer. He said there were so many kinds of magnetic fields around people in various intensity and people had been exposed to them every day.

Concerns have been ignited that radio-frequency electromagnetic fields might cause brain tumour or cancer following a warning recently issued by the World Health Organisation suggesting that users should use texting or hand free devices instead.

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