View Full Version : 50% of Targeted Thais Should Get Broadband Access in 2015

Kanok Karn
29th May 2011, 08:38
The Ministry of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has targeted that 50% of Thai people must have access to broadband services within 2015 under the national broadband masterplan.

ICT Ministry Inspector-General Methini Thepmani stated that many countries worldwide are giving importance to internet broadband in order to provide their citizens with easier access to state information and service, which corresponds to the 2009-2013 ICT Ministry policy.

Citing a survey result, the inspector-general elaborated that Thai people are using computers for many more purposes from education, information access to tax payment.

Ms Methini continued that the ICT Ministry hence set a target that 50% of Thai people must have access to broadband service by 2015 which is the same year that ASEAN nations will unite into a single community.

The inspector-general added that the policy so far has been well cooperated by public and private organisations since all sides agreed that the government should take the lead in improving the telecommunication services for entrepreneurs to enhance their potential in free trade competition.

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