View Full Version : Regional Service by THAI

Kanok Karn
24th May 2011, 10:37
Receiving board approval earlier this month, the new unit is a part of the carrier's corporate strategies for 2011-2017 and would focus on building on its flexibility, "high efficiency… and effective management".

THAI has announced plans to launch a new regional airline, as a subsidiary to the THAI brand.

Earlier this month the carrier also revealed that its revenue passenger kilometre in April was up eight percent on the same month last year and its available seat kilometre had increased by 8.5 percent for the same period on 2010.

The carrier said in a statement that while the regional carrier will continue to offer THAI customers the same benefits such as baggage weight allowance and mileage accrual, the new service will fly using 11 narrow body aircraft on short-haul routes as well as “feed into other routes in the intra-region”.