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Blackwidow Lance
11th May 2011, 21:59
Google I/O day one was about Android and music, but the second day of should return to the conference's first-year theme: the Web as an foundation for applications.

Google loves the idea of programming on the Web: the more people use Web apps, the more time they spend searching on Google and seeing search ads. It loves the idea so much it decided to release its own browser, Chrome, to try to accelerate browser development and give Web programmers a better platform for their apps.

CNET will be live-blogging the keynote starting at 9:30 a.m. PT to hear what Google has to say. Expect developments with Chrome, Google's reasonably successful browser; Chrome OS, its browser-based operating system; its Chrome Web Store for buying and finding Web apps; and its Web programming tools such as Google App Engine, Native Client, or Google Web Toolkit.

Chrome OS is the hardest sell. It was supposed to emerge last year for Netbooks, but Google only delivered a prototype for developers, and the software remains a work in progress. Chrome OS gets to draft off the huge market for Web apps that run on everybody's PCs, but it can't run native apps the way Android.

A CNET team will be using the Cover It Live tool to live-blog the event, so tune in to hear what's coming.

Source: http://news.cnet.com/by:Stephen Shankland
Senior writer Cnet