View Full Version : The Transport Departmentīs Hotline for Passengers

Kanok Karn
17th April 2011, 10:16
The Department of Land Transport said almost 200 passengers called its consumer protection line with most of them claiming the drivers were being reckless.

Deputy Director-General of the Department of Land Transport Assathai Rattanadilok Na Phuket said since the hotline 1584 was introduced to the public from 11-15 April, 2011, reckless driving topped the list of all complaints. Other issues include leaving passengers behind and using inappropriate language.

Among drivers, 48 have been accused of misconducts while another 4 have been reprimanded. 10 more of them were told to pay the fine while 34 drivers were fined on spots. Other 136 individuals are now being investigated. The maximum penalty would see their driving license confiscated.

Almost 10,000 people have called the hotline for directions, tourism spots, accommodations and shopping centers respectively. While 3,185 people asked for the location of the ATM. Mr. Assathai also encouraged passengers to call the hotline if they saw any taxi drivers being rude.

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