View Full Version : Increased Transport Services to Relieve Traffic Jams in Bangkok

Kanok Karn
15th April 2011, 10:09
Transport Minister Mr. Sophon Zarum instructed transport and train services across Thailand to provide extra seats on returning trips to Bangkok for workers to be back to work on time.

According to Mr. Sophon, the number of accidents has declined in contrast to the growing number of people visiting their homes in the provinces compared to the same period last year. More services will be added to the regular schedules in a bid to help workers return to Bangkok in time to resume their work on Monday.

Road signs have been repaired and repainted to make sure they are visible to prevent road tolls. The Transport Ministry also has several measures in place to relieve traffic congestion especially when people are returning to Bangkok. One of the measures is extra train trips, which is said to attract people away from using bus services and reduce traffic jams.


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