View Full Version : Enough Buses for Thai Peoples Leaving Bangkok

Kanok Karn
11th April 2011, 15:43
The President of the Transport Company Limited, Mr. Wuttichart Kalayanamitr, has confirmed there are enough bus services to accommodate a large number of people leaving Bangkok to all parts of the nation.

The bus terminal recorded a whopping number of 700,000 people departing for their home towns yesterday. Mr. Wuttichart advised travelers to book seats in advance for their own convenience. He also warned of possible service delays due to the traffic and the weather.

The President said he had discussed with co-bus companies about overpriced tickets and instructed them to sell the tickets at a price specified by the Transport Company. Those found to have sold the tickets at exaggerated prices will be prosecuted. Passengers can call the companyís hotline 1490 or the Land Transportís hotline 1584.


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