View Full Version : AIS New Launching Sawasdee Nan Jang

Kanok Karn
2nd April 2011, 08:50
AIS Sawasdee delivers a variety of values to customers in upcountry areas, introducing the latest SIM “Sawasdee Nan Jang,” offering 60 day of use for every refill at every available price with tariff of 2 Baht for the first minute and 1 Baht per minute for next minutes, extending the strategy “Localism” presented by hot country singer “Lew-Ajareeya.”
Mr. Somchai Lertsutiwong, Executive Vice President - Marketing of Advanced Info Service Public Company Limited or AIS, disclosed “Sawasdee is the first and the only brand that continually occupy upcountry market. Due to its Brand Character focusing on simplification, convenience and the communication strategy “Localism” as well as a variety of activities every year, Sawasdee has approached and satisfied customers in upcountry areas for long time. With 5 million registered customers today, new customers are expected to increase by 15%. So far, Sawasdee has launched many programs to meet demand and communicate with Sawasdee targeting at people in upcountry areas with light monthly usage demand.
This campaign not only extends the Segmentation marketing for customers in upcountry with long period of use, the market expanding with high growth rate, but also underlining the concept Quality DNAs by AIS emphasizing quality improvement in all service dimensions. Sawasdee therefore introduces the SIM “Sawasdee Nan Jang,” the latest prepaid SIM providing customers with full fledged values including longer use period, more interesting services besides network quality with unsurpassed coverage area which is the strength and differentiation of the Sawasdee brand.

Mr. Thitipong Kheopaisan, Assistant Vice President Marketing of AIS, talked about details of SIM “Sawasde Nan Jang.” “The variety of values that Sawasdee gives to customers in upcountry consists of:

First time for customers to refill credit with every amount, get up to 60 days of use (Starting at 10 Baht for 60 days of use with cumulative of 365 days)
Great value from tariff rate of 1 Baht per minute with 2 Baht at the first minute
Apply Calling Melody for the special monthly fees of 19 Baht (from regular price of 35 Baht) and get free 5 calling melody songs for 6 months selected from various music stations such as Grammy Gold, Sure Station and Comic Station
Moreover Sawasdee approaches the real demand of customers in upcountry, providing useful information from daily agricultural service informing market price of commodities and agriculture products including rubber, tapioca, palm oil, egg and rice for customers using SIM Sawasdee Nan Jang from today to December 31, 2011.
In addition, we populate the communication strategy “Localism” to maintain close relationship and capture the target group who are people in upcountry areas. Lew-Ajareeya, the popular country female singer, has been appointed Brand Presenter to portray the concept of “Sawasdee Nan Jang” via the song “Nan Jang” in her latest album, communicating with the target group with a broad array of channels including the new TVC broadcasting from April 1, the events organized in all region throughout the country to entertain and impress customers by “Lew” such as the 5th Sawasdee Loong Toong Tua Thai, Meet & Greet and the caravan to meet people in upcountry throughout the year. Besides customers may download the special song at no cost in various formats including full song, ringtone and calling melody. The SIM “Sawasdee Nan Jang” is now available at general stores for 50 Baht per SIM. Contact AIS Call Center 1175 for more information.

“AIS believes that Sawasdee Nan Jang will receive a warm welcome from customers in upcountry because it delivers complete solutions and great values to customers.” Somchai concluded.