View Full Version : Van passengers to be required to fasten seatbelts

Kanok Karn
16th February 2011, 09:07
The Transport Ministry is planning to issue a law requiring public van passengers to fasten seatbelts for their own safety.

Deputy Director General of the Transport Ministry’s Department of Land Transport Atsathai Rattanadilok Na Phuket stated that transport service providers and public van drivers had been instructed to seek cooperation from passengers in wearing safety belts while on the road. After such regulation has been adopted, there is a tendency for it to be made into a law with an aim to lower road casualties in the country.

Relevant officers were dispatched to checkpoints on highways during 27-28 January and 1-3 February to examine the safety level of public transport services being provided. 1,755 vehicles were pulled over, 209 of them or 11.9 percent were found to have violated the law. The most common breach was the modification of vehicles by adding extra seats, followed by the drivers’ failure to carry their licenses, no specifications on the routes and the fares and utilization of vehicles with red or black license plates.

Mr Atsathai insisted that the Transport Ministry would continue the inspection of public vehicles periodically to ensure maximum safety for passengers while the alcohol level of drivers must be zero.

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