View Full Version : What password do you use?

20th December 2010, 12:48
What password do you use?

Please tell me you are not using 123456?

Are you lazy when it comes to passwords? Do you the same password on all the websites you visit? You should read this article and think again.
The set of Gawker Media passwords differs significantly from a cache of 10,000 Hotmail passwords that leaked online last year, though ď123456″ was the most popular among both groups. In both cases, the datasets only include passwords that could be decoded and arenít necessarily of all users. For instance, more complex passwords may be harder to decode. We eliminated all identifiable information from the data we studied.


Raymund Edgar Alvarez
16th March 2013, 16:46
My password is not easy to guess

It is alpha-numeric password with matching special characters, We need to set our password strong enough so that no hackers will intend to hack our account and we are rest assured all the times :)