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Kanok Karn
11th November 2010, 08:16

Any restaurant where the waiter will wade through a knee deep puddle in a raging thunder storm just to bring us our tom kha gai can’t be all bad. In fact, E at 72, the restaurant that sits in the shady grounds of boutique hotel 72 Ekamai, does a lot of things right. For starters, the setting certainly has enough quirky touches to keep you interested —from the plastic dog on the diving board to the life-size super hero at the entrance. You also shouldn’t miss a visit to their retro toy shop where you can pick up some intriguing adult-friendly gifts. But enough of tenga and back to the service, which is spot on, from their ability to keep pouring the beer during a power cut to having already predicted the upcoming downpour and moved us smoothly from the poolside couches to the small and minimal dining space inside. Of course, there are plenty of places that are equally slick; fortunately, E at 72 has also put some thought into the food as well. Sure, the extensive menu is similar to many other ‘hip’ restaurants. That all too familiar blend of Thai and inter dishes, but at least those dishes are well-portioned, suitably-spiced and clearly use good quality, fresh ingredients, even if they are a little pricy. B172 for yam nuea isn’t cheap but then the beef is nice and lean, the mint super fresh and the whole dish does have a pleasant kick. They also haven’t toned down other standards like the tom kha gai which is huge and deliciously sour, while the yam tua ploo (wing bean salad with pork and prawns) is rich and spicy. The penang gai doesn’t work quite as well and was a little watery last time —though we’re not sure if the storm had anything to do with that. The inter dishes we’ve tried follow a similar pattern, the tuna penne is well executed if slightly oily and the penne formacci (four cheese pasta) is certainly cheesy if a little bland. Sure, E at 72 isn’t going to win any culinary awards, but for its quirky attitude, attention to detail and commitment to quality it’s got a definite charm that makes you want to come back.

E at 72
72 Ekamai Soi 4-6
Tel: 02-714-7327
Mon-Sat 4pm-midnight

[GOOGLE MAP]Ekamai Soi 4-6, sukhumvit 63, sukhumvit,bangkok,thailand [/GOOGLE MAP]