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Kanok Karn
6th November 2010, 13:20

The place is tiny and cramped, with only seating for seven inside, at a communal counter looking out over a sad parking lot. Some of the staff, while well-intentioned and enthusiastic, are not the most efficient. During peak times, it can be disconcertingly rowdy and chaotic, packed with imposing American customers broadcasting their voices from sea to shining sea. And you’ll leave with your clothes reeking of your dinner. But these inconveniences are a small price to pay for the chance to get your teeth around Bangkok’s best “Mexican” food. Styled after taco/burrito bars in the US, the menu features several kinds of grilled and stewed meats (and even grilled vegetables) with a variety of delivery methods: small tortilla (tacos), large tortilla with beans (burrito), no tortilla (salad) and so on. We’d prefer a little more spice and, some days, a lot less salt (consistency is a problem), but in general the meats are terrific and taste pretty darn authentic. When we’re in the mood for a hearty chew we go for carne asada, chunks of grilled beef; otherwise our top pick is carnitas, juicy pork cooked “for hours” until it’s tender. It’s nice to have choices, and we appreciate the choice of either red or black beans; cheese or sour cream; and one of four salsas, which include a fresh tomato salsa, more sauce-like salsas and another, for all you sweet tooths, made with ripe mango. Burritos seem to be the most popular item. They’re convenient, and one is enough for a meal for most people; otherwise an extra B69 buys you a half-kilo monster with double the fillings. But don’t visit Sunrise without trying their tacos. Skip the flour tortilla and opt for either a soft or crunchy corn tortilla, both of which are made from scratch by hand. They’re messy affairs—especially the hard shells, which tend to explode with the first bite—but unique to Bangkok and a huge step above the pre-made kind (especially the imported hard-shell tacos that come in a box). Another specialty of the house are the margaritas, which are made with real lime juice and either fresh or frozen fruit, such as blueberries. You won’t feel the tequila in just one glass, but a one-liter pitcher or plastic yard (that’s yours to keep) will get you there. Finally, the best thing about Sunrise Tacos may be the fact that it’s open 24 hours a day, making it a perfect late-night stop for nightcrawlers on the way home or really any time you have the munchies. Breakfast burrito.

Sunrise Tacos
236/3-4 Sukhumvit Rd.
Nearest train: BTS Asok
Tel: 02-229-4851

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