View Full Version : Home Sale Expo in Thailand

Kanok Karn
21st October 2010, 13:58
The nation's public and private sectors have joined hands to launch an ‘Easy Home Sale Expo 2010’, hoping to enhance opportunity for low-income workers to become new home owners.

Tanarak Pattana Sinsap, a state-owned enterprise under the Finance Ministry, together with Bangkok Service & Provision Co., Ltd., is set to launch the ‘Easy Home Sale Expo 2010’, in which a wide range of low-cost homes, built under the concept of ‘grand, classy and good quality,’ will be featured.

This event is a result of close collaboration among a number of real estate and housing developers around Bangkok and its neighborhood, whose objective is to provide affordable housing for people with low income; given the price of some houses featured in the event starts as low as 600,000 baht.

Easy Home Sale Expo is boasting 200 boots of housing and estate companies. The event is expected to draw as many as 40,000 visitors daily; and 150 million baht is expected to be in circulation during the entire event.

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