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Kanok Karn
21st October 2010, 13:42
True Move launched “IT Friends”, the new brand ambassador of Smart Phones to support the large expanding marketing

TrueMove, the leading communication provider of network 3G (on the frequency of 850 MHz) in Thailand, with more than 18,000 Wi-Fi Hotspots across the country, and the first brand only providing 3 smart phone platforms, recently introduced “IT Friend” as its new brand ambassador who will be serving smart phone customers, giving them advice on the latest technology & gadgets like their own friends.

Mr. Papon Ratanachaikanont, Assistant to President & CEO and Deputy Group Chief Commercial Officer, True Corporation Plc., said “As the leader of smart phone devices, TrueMove’s main focus is of developing the communication network continuously to support the usage of smart phones for users of all platforms such as iPhone, Blackberry and Android. True is also focused on individual persons and developing the team to be more knowledgeable and expert to enable them to give more efficient advice about the technology and application of smart phone services to customers. Moreover, we still value providing friendly service, including dressing appropriately, communicating well and presenting a good personality, solving problems for customers and etc. By developing these, it means that we are giving TrueMove customers the best service and highest satisfaction.

“TrueMove IT Friends was created and formed with a new generation that were trained about the smart phones, communications technology, and the latest gadgets, enabling them to be specialists who intimately understand customer needs. TrueMove IT Friends would be the new brand ambassador of TrueMove, reinforcing its strong smart phone leadership positioning.”

The core of True’s service for employees as well as IT Friends to give customers supreme satisfaction is the H-E-A-R-T strategy which consists of:

H-ello: letting your “Heart” be open-minded so that it is ready to receive everything, and ready to anticipate what a customer may not ask for it, in a courteous manner.

E-njoy: happy “Heart” aims to conduct all duties in a caring and enthusiastic manner in order to provide excellence in both of sales and service and to achieve objectives on a regular basis.

A-ctive: immediate “Heart” is to keep learning about the working processes, products, services, co-workers, organization and customers to become experts which will lead to impressive service.

R-ight: knowing “Heart” is to provide service that is expert and helps to deliver what is promised to customers. It is to respond to customer needs instantly which will the trust.

T-hankful: receiving “Heart” is taking care of co-workers and customers cheerfully, in a sincere and friendly manner, so that we can get into the customer’s heart and minds.

Mr.Papon, explaining the background of “IT Friends” as the brand ambassador of TrueMove smart phones “Given the increased complexity of technology than in the past, the technological evolution of smart phone functions, such as iPhone, Blackberry and Android, changes quickly; including their applications that are more modern and better at responding to the customer’s need and lifestyle. For the example, FaceTime which allows face-to-face video calls are better connected via Wi-Fi to ensure that you can enjoy talking more smoothly without disturbance or 3G technology that has increased the efficiency to upload and download multimedia in any manner. This is just a small part of when the customer needs a friend or an expert who can give them information about these technologies. TrueMove foresees and understands the customer’s needs at this point, so the IT Friends group are not just salepersons but true friends and experts, they are “The Knowledge Provider” who can give consultation on any technologies and applications, and can also solve the standard problems of the 3 smart phone platforms to customers. All are the strategy that differentiate from competitor brands that TrueMove is not just a normal mobile phone and gadget shop but we are a lifestyle shop and the trusted source of TrueMove customers, worthy of being a truly smart phone leader”

IT Friends service can advise on value packages and excellent applications that suit the customer’s lifestyle. Initially TrueMove will provide the after sales service counter or IT Friends After Sales Service at 6 branches of TrueMove Shops around Bangkok such as TrueMove Square - Siam Soi 2, IT Mall, The Mall Bangapi, Central Lard Praow, CP Tower and Paradise Park.

Experienced with the advance step of quality service of “IT Friends” presented by TrueMove, with more than 300 friends across the country who are ready to provide their services. Meet the IT Friends service counter at all 6 branches of TrueMove Shops.

29th October 2010, 13:57
I hope they really know something not just talk and smile pretty :)