View Full Version : Mobile phone service bad in Sukhothai

Pee Baa Jub Jub
20th October 2013, 16:15
The National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission has ordered mobile phone service providers to improve the signal quality in Sukhothai, after finding sub-par signal coverage in several spots in the province.

According to NTBC Secretary-general Thakon Tanthasit (ฐากร ตัณฑสิทธิ์), he has gone on an inspection trip of the mobile phone signal coverage in Sukhothai province, after the House of Representatives informed him of the lack of signal coverage in Thungluang (ทุ่งหลวง), Na Choengkhiri (นาเชิงคีรี), Ban Pom (บ้านป้อม), Nong Chik (หนองจิก), Thung Yang Mueang (ทุ่งยางเมือง), and Ban Namphu (บ้านน้ำพุ) sub-districts in Khirimat (คีรีมาศ) district. Mr. Thakon confirmed that during his ‘drive-test’ inspection trip, there were problems with signal coverage.

Mr. Thakon further disclosed that the NBTC had sent a letter to every mobile phone service provider demanding they improve their signal quality in the area in accordance with the NBTC’s specifications. The service providers had also been told to report progress on the matter to the NBTC.

The NBTC chief noted that if residents in Sukhothai still encounter problems with signal coverage, they should contact the NBTC call center at the toll-free hotline 1200 or send SMSs to the same number, free of charge.

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