View Full Version : Electrocution Killed A Young Wild Elephant

Summer Narvasa
14th June 2013, 22:59
An oil palm plantation's 220-voltage electric fence electrocuted a seven-year-old wild elephant in the Phetchaburi's Kaeng Krachan National Park.

The Provincial Governor Monthien Thongnit inspected the scene and criticized the unnecessary type of fencing used. Following the report, the Police found the carcass of a male elephant entangled with the fence. The electric fence was built to prevent elephants from eating palms in the plantation that belonged to Nareunart Ketrat. Prior to what happened, two cows that belonged to a nearby neighbor were also electrocuted near the same spot.

Nareunart was initially charged with violations of the Wildlife Protection Act 1992 as well as encroaching on the forest reserve.

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