View Full Version : Suspected Brick Thrower Caught On Camera

Summer Narvasa
13th June 2013, 12:37
A security camera footage captured a possible suspect after a brick was thrown at a pickup truck.

The Police presented the bloodstained 2kg brick to the media, as well as footage recorded by Tambon Phra Thaen village headman Siang Sabchatuporn's personal security camera. The footage showed a young motorcycle rider without a helmet passing the scene at the time of the crime. It may have been a teenager's reckless action but it could have been an attempted robbery, with the culprit intending to cause an accident and rob the driver but hitting the passenger instead.

Jenjira Thongchai is an 18-year-old Kasetsart University engineering student and was a passenger in the truck suffered a serious head injury in the incident, which occurred on the Khamphaeng Saen-Phanom Tuan Road. She was now transferred from Nakhon Pathom's Sanam Chan Hospital to Bangkok's Phra Mongkut Hospital. Her condition was described as stable following brain surgery. Her skull had been severely damaged but her eyesight had improved after surgery, she was recovering.

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