View Full Version : Mechanical arm to be used in diagnosis and surgery

Summer Narvasa
26th April 2013, 18:20
A robotic arm created for medical use that can help doctors diagnose and effectively perform surgeries.

The Bumrungrad International Hospital is the first and the only hospital in Asia to perform surgery and diagnosis with a mechanical arm. According to the hospital, the device can effectively perform prosthesis knee and hip surgeries, in which the patient can quickly recover from and will be able to walk within 24 hours.

The robotic arm is operated through a computer. It measures the exact position and size of prosthesis needed for a certain operation. According to a Bumrungrad International Hospital doctor, the device is so precise that it only has a percent chance of mistake.

Meanwhile, the Arthritis Foundation reported that the number of Thai people with arthritis tends to rise every year. Men aged lower than 45 are more likely to catch the disease than women, but it is the other way round for people who are 45 years old and above. The report also suggested that 90 percent of the elderly over 75 years old have arthritis.

-News from NNT