View Full Version : MasterCard survey finds mobile purchasing in Thailand growing

Summer Narvasa
17th April 2013, 14:13
The latest survey shows that online shopping through smart phones in Thailand and Indonesia is rapidly rising, and that Chinese consumers are more likely to make online purchases than those from any other countries in Asia/Pacific.

The survey on online shopping habits was conducted among 7011 respondents from 25 different countries in Asia/Pacific, by MasterCard Worldwide between November-December 2012.

The survey found a considerable rise in mobile shopping in the Asia/Pacific region, particularly in Indonesia where 54.5% of the respondents said they had made online purchases via smart phones in the past 3 months, followed closely by China (54.1%) and Thailand (51%). In terms of online shopping contents, 36% of the respondents expressed interest in buying music downloads, by Thai respondents leading the way at 45% , followed by India and the Philippines; at 45% and 44%, respectively. Meanwhile, 5% of the respondents were keen on buying fashion products and accessories, particularly those in China (54%), followed by Thailand and South Korea (43%), and New Zealand (40%).

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