View Full Version : Thai Low Cost Airline gets a Warning

Pee Baa Jub Jub
24th September 2010, 15:24
The Committee on Consumer Protection calls for low cost airlines to explain about expensive air fare as complained by consumers.

Three companies of low cost airlines; Nok Air, Orient Thai and Thai Air Asia together with the Department of Civil Aviation, the Office of Consumer Protection Board (OCPB) and the Office of Insured Protection Board had been asked to clarify high price of air fare particularly during festive period.

The Department of Civil Aviation explained that air fare prices were set in compliance with the ceiling price set by the department. The difference of those prices is due to the management strategy of airline companies. The Committee on Consumer Protection viewed that the airlines should set the price in accordance with service type. The Department of Civil Aviation is assigned to reconsider ceiling prices, while the OCPB is instructed to take care of moral standards among the airlines.

By 30 September, the Committee on Consumer Protection will invite the Transport Minister and related agencies to clarify about price setting of low-cost airlines again.

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