View Full Version : Update on the bent O visa in Thailand

Pee Baa Jub Jub
17th May 2010, 02:25
An update on the bent O visa in Thailand

My friend came back to my house today asking me for advice and we just figured out that since he did not go out he is about 100 days overstay now and risk of getting arrested. The Immigration officer in Cambodian border put cancel on his exit stamp so he never left. He also reported his passport stolen yesterday so he is now overstay 100 days with no passport and Embassy closed in Bangkok.

The “fixer” in Bangkok can no longer fix the service of sending the passport over the border and back since the immigration officer is closing in on his service. Therefore, he could be of no assistance any longer but he has his money so he is happy off course.:cool:

My friend is now planning to leave for his home country on a short trip as soon as he gets a new passport. The best way is to just not be arrested before he reach the airport and pay the fine of 20 000 THB go home and get a new O visa.

Normally the immigration do not care about overstay any longer but it is better to do a longer visa run since the passport is totally new and he do not want to make them to irritated.

If you bought this bent O visa from an agency in Thailand, you better be looking for a way out from Thailand and come back with a real one. Normal O visa that you got OUTSIDE Thailand is still ok but not if you got them while being in the country.

Pee Baa Jub Jub
9th June 2010, 13:08
My friend who got his O visa rejected on the Cambodian border now have got his new passport the “fixer” will make new stamps for him that will give him a 15 days head start to travel to Laos or something. After that, he will probably go back to his own country and apply for an O visa the normal way. You can see that the Thai royal consulates around the world are trying to straighten up the regulations for the O visa since the Immigration in Bangkok probably had enough of them.

The real way to do the O visa is to get one from the consultant where you have actually been or could have been. The “fixer” in Bangkok sends your passport to a Royal Thai Consulate while giving you an out stamp for one day in Kula Lumpur. It is impossible for you to travel to Europe in that time and get a stamp in the Consulate.

It will probably be a crack down on O visa eventually when you have actually prove you have been to the consulate in question by showing a ticket to that country or something. When some people in Thailand that are too lazy to do proper visa abuse something runs the immigration in Thailand crack down on it.