View Full Version : Recommended Computer Software in Thailand

Pee Baa Jub Jub
16th September 2010, 19:22
Nothing is free in this world and when computer users download, free games they are actually downloading spy software on your computer. I am not saying that all free games have spy software, tool bars, pop up windows and other things to slow down your computer but many have. Some game makers hope you will upgrade to more levels and pay for your game and those games have no extra stuff inside.

When you install a game or a free program, you can see that the program sometimes ask you to approved a extra tool bar or something, this will slowdown you computer and you can get software inside you computer you do not want.

To be more sure on what you download try to download from example www.download.com and read the reviews before downloading they will tell you if it has something extra inside the game.

We will in the Sub Forum recommend software that we know are free of spy or malware and that can be to benefit for you when you are on holiday or stay in Thailand.

Do not post link to illegal software or software that have spy or malware. All posted will be moderated before published. You can post paid or free software.

Blackwidow Lance
11th May 2011, 21:31
There are a lot of free download sites over the net. Personally, I get all my tools in http://www.filehippo.com/. Files here were being tested by a lot of internet user, and the best of it.. its FREE! Cnet.com is also another good source of free download and you can also give a try 4Shared.com.

Hope it helps!;)