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Pee Baa Jub Jub
6th September 2010, 21:20
English has long been the top international language and lingua franca in many countries. Language proficiency is now a must for all students of newer generations in order to communicate with people from different countries for various purposes, especially in business. However, the majority of Thai students have long been struggling to stay just above the borderline during the examinations, while practical communicative skills are mostly broken and far from perfect.

According to Asst Prof Passorn Phiwkhaw, the International Program Coordinator for Academic Affairs of Srinakharinwirot University’s Prasarnmit Demonstration School, class size is the main factor impeding Thai students’ ability to learn a second language effectively, especially the English language, although it has been included in school curricula from kindergarten to high school levels.

A larger class will limit opportunity for students to equally participate and practice their reading, speaking, and writing skills in class. The number of students in an appropriate class for effective language teaching and learning activities should not exceed 35 because constant interactions between teachers and students are strongly required. The smaller the class, the greater the opportunity for the students to participate in the activity.

However, students must also frequently practice using English outside their classrooms in order to review what they have learnt in class. Students should keep improving their language skills through listening, speaking, reading, and writing because emphasizing on just one particular skill will render the overall learning process ineffective. In addition, parents and teachers should encourage students to use English in their daily life, and motivate them to learn and to realize the importance of the English language in today’s communication. It has been suggested that the Ministry of Education should promote teachers as good role models in using English for communication.

Apart from support of surrounding people, learners of the English language must possess strong determination to strife for improvement at all times; without fear or being shy of making mistakes. To help create a better learning climate, teasing and making fun of others for being inferior must not be condoned, because such a momentary inconsiderate enjoyment at the expense of confidence of language learners can significantly dampen their desire to learn.

Report from NNT

22nd January 2011, 09:54
From my expirience travelling South East Asia Thais in general are far the worst English speakers. Even if I compare hotel staff, airline staff, pilots.

Kanok Karn
23rd January 2011, 21:29
Most Thai students can not be able speak English as well as reading. for now I m glad that I know Thai students are enthusiastic to learn English. even 5 years old kid try to speak English with Foreigner.

Thai education have been improve much.

Blackwidow Lance
11th May 2011, 13:51
While education is a common task of each person ... parents has a sole responsibility for child education...after all, education is our basic rights! Let us be not just go to school but learned anything as much as we could! Not just educated but WELL EDUCATED individual!

Blackwidow Lance
11th May 2011, 13:55
From my expirience travelling South East Asia Thais in general are far the worst English speakers. Even if I compare hotel staff, airline staff, pilots.
LOL! at least THAI has a good reputation in coffee industry ... Do they need english tongue?

Blackwidow Lance
11th May 2011, 14:02
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Pee Baa Jub Jub
2nd July 2011, 16:41
The English teachers in Thailand have such bad reputation.

Arvind Patkar
8th August 2011, 11:52
The reality is, Thai people are afraid of speaking in English Language. This is one of the reason why Thai students are not able to speak or read English Language. All thai people require to keep away the fears. Mistakes always happen. We need to learn from mistakes. Just because, we do not want to make mistake, you can avoid.. This is OLD style. Come and live in the current world. We learn from our mistakes.

This is how life goes on.

Arvind Patkar
8th August 2011, 11:55
You know the reason why English teachers in thailand have bad reputation. The only reason is - Thai people will loose control over their own lives.
The English teachers in Thailand have such bad reputation.

Kanokkarn Yoshihira
15th August 2011, 15:11
You mean Thai people are scared?