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Pee Baa Jub Jub
15th May 2010, 20:51
The Telecommunication Customer Protection Institute (TCI) unveils that the National Telecommunication Commission (NTC) has a resolution to maintain single price rate of cell phone calling expense on and off the net in order to prevent business monopoly and to promote competition among telecommunication business.

According to the NTC’s resolution, the rate of calling cost for on net and off net on mobile phone use will be the same. This policy is in line with Section 57 of the Telecommunication Businesses Operation Act B.E. 2544 or A.D. 2001. This regulation will promote competition in the market, while supporting newcomers to enter telecommunication industry without monopolization the market.

The NTC’s resolution also encourages the mobile number portability service in maintaining the same number despite the change of network service. The mobile users will gain such benefit from this privilege and to reduce the users’ complaint from higher calling cost after changing the network.

As the concerns of this resolution will cause higher cost among consumers, the TCI Director stated that the costs vary on the competition. The higher competition, the lower the calling rate. To control the service price, the maximum price rate must be designed by the NTC.

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