View Full Version : TrueMove H Leadership Position For Windows 8 Platform

Kanok Karn
16th November 2012, 09:09
TrueMove H, Thailand’s leader in smartphones across all operating systems affirms its leadership position for the Windows 8 platform as the first and only mobile operator that has been trusted by leading brands such as Nokia, Samsung and HTC to sell all product lines comprising smartphones and smart PCs on the recently-launched Windows 8 platform to customers in Thailand. TrueMove H is inviting customers to experience a new dimension in convergence lifestyle on these devices with the Windows 8 operating system along with TrueMove H’s 3G+ service at Commart Comtech Thailand 2012 from November 15-18. Interested customers can purchase the Nokia Lumia 920 and HTC Windows Phone 8X (limited stocks) at the event or purchase the Nokia Lumia 820 and Samsung ATIV Smart PC online at the True Store with special promotional offers.

Joy Thaigirl
17th November 2012, 11:09
If you looking to buy a computer in Thailand this is the place to go

Commart Comtech Thailand 2012 from November 15-18.