View Full Version : The 25th Bangkok Marathon 2012

Kanok Karn
9th November 2012, 08:34
The 25th edition of the event, sponsored by Standard Chartered, will start at 3am and finish at 9am near the Royal Grand Palace. Five races will be run: the full 42.195-kilometre marathon and the 21.1km half-marathon (both with five age groups), the 10km mini marathon for three age groups, the 4.5 micro marathon and 1.5km walk for health.

The race serves His Majesty the King's objective of encouraging the public to exercise. The event is also expected to attract many foreigners and will boost local tourism as well.

Date: 18 November, 2012
Location: Sanam Chai Road, Bangkok

Joy Thaigirl
9th November 2012, 15:50
Sounds good, i hope many Thai people run for health.