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Kanok Karn
7th September 2012, 15:49
The Health Ministry has revealed that more Thais have committed suicide during the past 5 years, while expressing worries about the rising trend among the youth group.

Deputy Director-General of the Mental Health Department, Dr. Tavee Tangseree, said that during the past 5 years, the rate of suicide among Thais has been climbing constantly, from 5.98 to 100,000 populations to 6.03 to 100,000 populations, which is equivalent to 3,873 persons in 2011.

Dr. Tavee stated that the main cause of suicide in Thailand has been depression caused by natural disaster, economic, and political crises they are unable to cope with.

According to the study, the biggest number of suicides came from those aged between 20 and 30 years, followed by the elderly and the youth of 15-19 years of age.

It also said that the northern province of Lamphun has seen the highest rate of suicide, followed by Rayong, Chiang Mai, Nan and Chiang Rai.

Dr. Tavee added that he is most worried about the teen population as their rate of suicide has risen the most, with an average of 170 of them successfully killing themselves during 2007 and 2011.

Now, with the annual GAT-PAT test drawing near, the Deputy Director-General of the Mental Health Department is asking all parents to keep a close eye on their children while avoiding adding pressure on them.

For more information or consultation, the Mental Health Department invites the public to call its hotline number of 1323 or check out information at www.suicidethai.com

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Joy Thaigirl
7th September 2012, 23:04
Thai Children have so much pressure to get married, to support the family to be good Buddhist it is not easy to be young today.