View Full Version : DTAC Fined 10 Million Baht For Network Failure To Operate

Kanok Karn
5th September 2012, 18:36
Mobile phone service providers in Thailand are subjected to a minimum fine of 10 million baht if their networks fail to operate, according to the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC).

NBTC Secretary General Thakorn Tantasith reminded mobile phone service operators of the NBTC announcement following DTAC’s inability to quickly restore cellular signal for its users. The incident had enraged many DTAC customers and prompted the NBTC to take action.

Mr. Thakorn said the announcement has been issued in accordance with the Telecommunications Business Act B.E.2544 which requires that a service provider must maintain its performance to the specified standard. A failure to that will subject the operator to an immediate fine of 10 million baht which is the minimum rate.

In addition to the minimum fine, Mr. Thakorn said the NBTC has laid down an additional measure demanding a multiple fine of upto 50 million baht from service providers who allow repetitions of network failures to occur within a year. The Secretary General said the hefty punishment is meant to protect customers and encourage providers to raise the standards of their services.

DTAC has been fined 10 million baht for its 2-hour blackout on August 28, 2012. The fine must be paid in one installment and will be forwarded to the Universal Service Obligation (USO) fund set up to develop the national telecommunication service.

Meanwhile, DTAC CEO Jon Eddy Abdullah has said that his company is ready to comply with the NBTC’s order without appealing it. He also said that 100 million baht has already been spent to compensate over 3 million users, who were affected by the network failure. Besides, 200 million baht more is expected to be spent on the compensation.

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