View Full Version : 20-30 Million Baht For DTAC Failed Communication In Thailand

Kanok Karn
29th August 2012, 21:04
After its mobile phone service has failed for the fifth time this year, Total Access Communication Plc (DTAC) could face up to 30 million baht fine from the Office of the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC).

Takorn Tantasit, NBTC Secretary-general, said DTAC 3G users across the country were unable to use the service at all from 11 a.m. until afternoon, while its 2G network could be used sporadically.

After the failure has occurred for the fifth time this year, Mr Takorn said the NBTC sees a 20-30 million baht fine appropriate, as the company did not comply with Section 33 of the Telecom Business Act of 2001, which stipulaes that service providers must at all times maintain a high-quality network service for consumeres.

He, however, added that the fine could be raised as the failure had affected up to 130 million consumers across the country. In addition to the fine imposed by the NBTC, affected consumers may also file separate complaints against the company to the Office of Consumer Protection Board.

Meanwhile, DTAC admitted that technical problems on its equipment had disrupted services for 65 minutes to 20% of its customer.

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