View Full Version : Thai Women Ranked 2nd As The World's Most Unfaithful Lovers

Kanok Karn
28th August 2012, 18:26
Thai women are ranked 2nd as the world's most unfaithful lovers, with well over half of them admitting to frequent infidelity, according to a survey conducted by Durex, a condom producer.

The survey of 29,000 women in 36 countries names the women of Ghana the world's most unfaithful, with 62 % of the women questioned there admitting they often cheat on their boyfriends and husbands.

Thai women were just a little more faithful, with 59 % admitting to infidelity, followed by Malaysia with 39 %.

In fourth and fifth place were Russia 33 % and Singapore 19 %.

Joy Thaigirl
17th September 2012, 22:36
Wow why is it that many in Ghana? Well i think Thai girls cheat much but also the men cheat the same.

Ryan Go
31st January 2013, 00:00
Seriously Ghana? I'm speechless!

Joy Thaigirl
7th February 2013, 13:21
Yeah I do not know why just Ghana?

Raymund Edgar Alvarez
16th March 2013, 17:16
Oh, I feel relieved!! haha

We are not in the list...Philippines :rolleyes:

Abbey Den
20th September 2013, 16:00
it does not depend on the countries but on the conditions of women. lack of trust, freedom, money and interest makes them such women and their countries second in The World's Most Unfaithful lovers.