View Full Version : Thais Children Eat Less Vegetables And Fruit Than Recommended

Kanok Karn
13th August 2012, 15:32
Over 90% of Thai children eat less fruit and vegetables than the amount recommended, leading to risks of many life-threatening diseases, said a nutritionist,

According to Nutritionist from the Department of Health Woralak Kongnu, a 2008-2009 nutrition survey by the Public Health Ministry showed only one out of five women eat 400-600 grams of fruit and vegetables, an amount recommended by health experts.

Ms Woralak said the most worrisome group is children aged 6-14, of which the survey found only 7%, or around 300,000 of them,, are eating the right amount of fruit and vegetables. She said eating insufficient amount of vegetables increases the risks of obesity, cancer, heart disease, and diabetes.

The nutritionist said family members must help encourage one other to eat more fruit and vegetables. She said mothers, who play a vital role in their children’s diets, should first change their eating habits and encourage their children to eat right.

Experts believed that eating nutritional food since childhood will lead to a healthy, balanced diet when children grow up.

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