View Full Version : Thailand government reading your Facebook Messages

Pee Baa Jub Jub
13th August 2010, 11:24
Is the Thai government reading your Facebook Messages? Yes they are the Thai Government have with MICT (Ministry of Information and Culture) have gone inside your Facebook account. A few years ago the Thai government would block the page you trying to visit but now they are between you and the page you trying to watch. You can see this easily by checking the URL in the URL bar in the bottom of your Internet browser. You will see the MICT website or similar flashing by from time to time. If the MICT is between you and Facebook it means they can read everything you type even private messages and chats. Facebook promise of privacy does not mean anything when it comes to the Thai government’s own internet police the MICT. Not only can they see what you are typing but also since most people using their own names on Facebook they know pretty much anything about you.
Some ground rules for using Facebook in Thailand after this

If possible, use another name in your Facebook account.
Do not post anything that criticizes Thailand or the Thai King.
Do not post anything your Grandmother would not approve you could regret it in the future.
Do not upload “private” photos even in private.
Do not trust MICT to keep your private information they do not even know how to spell internet security.