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Pee Baa Jub Jub
7th August 2010, 14:00
Three-wheel ‘Tuk Tuk’ a well known taxi of Thailand has been ranked 5th in “The World Best Taxi” arranged by a tourism website ‘hotel.com’.

Following a survey in random of more than 1,900 travelers during 11-28 May this year about the best taxi they ever met, London taxi was voted number one best taxi in the world for three years in a row with a score of 59%. London taxi drivers have been complimented as the best in friendliness and route skill as they are fully trained before gaining the licenses.

Ranking second is the yellow taxi in New York of the US with a score of 27%, up by 10% from last year, while the third to the fifth titles are Tokyo taxi of Japan at 26%, taxi in Berlin, Germany at 17% and three-wheel ‘Tuk Tuk’ a kind of taxi in Bangkok, Thailand, at 14%.

The World Best taxi has been ranked by several factors involved including cleanliness, service charge, driving quality, route skills, friendliness, safety and availability.

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