View Full Version : World Expo in the hands of Phuket Van Mafia

Pee Baa Jub Jub
4th August 2010, 11:02
Phuket is probably thinking how they can solve the problem with mafia vans in the Phuket airport and still make profit. The road to the Phuket airport is old and needs an upgrade and the prices from the airport is in the hand of the local mafia with connection high up in the Phuket government. Hopefully the world Expo will put the Bangkok government eye on this problem once and for all.

Below News from NNT

Chinese investors have expressed their interest in venturing into an electric train project which aims at improving mass transit and traffic in the southern province of Phuket.

Representatives from a Chinese company on Monday met Phuket Governor Wichai Praisa-ngob to ask about the provincial policy to push forward a train project connecting downtown Phuket with the provincial airport.

The Chinese investors told the governor that after a period of study, they would seek another consultation with him during which a project proposal might be submitted.

Mr Wichai said Phuket needed to have a railway linking the airport with the city center and tourist attractions. The local administration has received a 6-billion-THB budget for an airport expansion plan while a new convention and exhibition center is already on the blueprint.

Phuket has presented itself to be the host of the World Expo 2020. A good railway system is therefore needed to solve the existing transport problem.