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Kanok Karn
16th June 2012, 16:37
It appears that an outbreak of dengue fever in this northern province is likely this year. Since the beginning of the year, Chiang Mai has seen over a hundred cases of dengue fever.

Dr. Wattana Karnjanakamol, the doctor of the Public Health Center of Chiang Mai, made public that as the period from June to September is the rainy season, greater caution must be exercised against the fever. Furthermore, the cycle of dengue fever outbreaks comes every other year with the virus becoming more virulent each year.

Citizens are asked to cooperate in destroying breeding grounds for the carrier of the virus, mosquitoes.

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18th June 2012, 07:23
So it would be safe to go there after September then?

Pee Baa Jub Jub
20th June 2012, 18:08
Well you can get it even after and watch out for the flooding now and September.

Joy Thaigirl
22nd June 2012, 04:50
My sister in Surin got this dengue fever she loose 10 Kilo so bad watch out!

I talk too much
24th June 2012, 04:23
Let`s all fight for the good cause...for all those pacifists who do not want to kill mosquitoes there will be the team of men supplying people with small condoms so you can put it on them to stop reproduction :)

I talk too much
24th June 2012, 04:27
and now seriously..it should worry everybody that the number of infected is increasing every year..it is not even good for the tourism and certainly bad for the poor people who do not have sufficient funds for proper treatment....

Joy Thaigirl
24th June 2012, 16:16
Most of the health care is free but the hospitals are not good.

25th June 2012, 16:25
Yes Dengues is far from a joke. However I like the idea with small condoms ;)

I had it once myself and seems like second time can be very bad so I need to be careful. Hate it!!

I talk too much
30th June 2012, 02:27
I hate it and I never had it ...from now on,when I find a mosquito I am not killing it...I will torture it firs so it can tell me where the others are and then I will kill them all!! :)

Kanok Karn
30th June 2012, 13:26
Health officials are warning Chiang Mai residents to particularly beware of the possible outbreak of influenza.

Director of the Office of Diseases Prevention and Control in the province, Dr. Witaya Liewsaree said that the risk of an influenza outbreak is high in the rainy season, or during the months of June and July.

Dr. Witaya stated that influenza is easily contagious and the infection may cause high and prolonged fever, severe coughing, chest pain, irregular breathing and exhaustion.

For small children, symptoms of influenza include constant crying, lack of appetite, vomiting and diarrhea.

Dr. Witaya urged anyone with these symptoms to immediately seek medical attention from the nearest public health offices.

Meanwhile, the Department of Disease Control and the National Health Security Office (NHSO) have jointly launched a free anti-influenza vaccination campaign, which offers immunity against influenza-type A H1N1, type-A H3N2 and type-B.

The campaign is intended for 7 at-risk groups, totaling 355,000 people. They include chronic patients, the elderly aged above 65, obese people who weigh more than 100 kilograms, mentally-challenged people, children aged 6 months-2 years, pregnant women, and healthcare personnel as well as state employees in charge of poultry slaughter.

The vaccination is available for anyone who is eligible at participating state and private healthcare offices across the country, from now until September 30th. More information is available at Hotline 1422.

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2nd July 2012, 17:36
there will be the team of men supplying people with small condoms so you can put it on them to stop reproduction :)

That wont work in Philippines since the hat with a funny guy inside wont allow condoms. ;)