View Full Version : Warned Fake Banknotes in Thailand

Kanok Karn
25th May 2012, 12:57
The police station in Songkhla province was notified by an employee at the Seven-11 store in Hadyai after finding one fake 1,000 baht which was used to buy goods. Upon investigation the employee of Seven-11 shop said that a fried chicken vendor had used the fake banknote to buy goods.

In the evening a female customer age about 20 had used this fake banknote to buy goods. He said he didn’t know at that time that the banknote was fake.

Later when he used the fake banknote to buy goods in 7-Eleven shop, the employee told him that the banknote was fake. The police kept the fake banknote as evidence.

Also in the northern Thailand, in Nan there now many fake 100 THB banknotes circulating.

Pol. Maj. Gen. Chalongchai Burirat, Commissioner, Naan province said that, the police will take action regarding these fake 100 THB banknotes ASAP. He also said that these banknotes will damage the local economy.

The police informed the people in Naan province to check the 100 and 1,000 THB banknotes carefully especially in busy market areas and places with reduced light.

Joy Thaigirl
27th May 2012, 13:18
Check the real Thai Banknotes (http://www.pay2thailand.com/) so you do not get tricked it is easy to trick tourists.

Summer Mascarinas
29th January 2013, 17:37
This is really disturbing! I think the main target of the syndicates are tourists who couldn't determine whether the money is fake or not.
I just wish this won't become a bigger problem in Thailand.

Doll Collections
30th January 2013, 00:14
Fake bank notes should be confiscated by the government right away. They should also impose a higher fine for the people caught manufacturing fake bank notes.

Denise Aquino
30th January 2013, 00:37
I was watching scam city yesterday and this post reminded me so much of Buenos Aires.

Ryan Go
31st January 2013, 00:10
Thanks for the warning! I'll be making sure I'll use coins instead of paper bills the next time I go to Bangkok!

Joy Thaigirl
7th February 2013, 13:08
You need a big purse if you going to carry 1000 THB in coins.