View Full Version : Warns Cold Medicine in Chiang Mai Thailand

Kanok Karn
29th March 2012, 22:13
Officials from the Department of Special Investigation (DSI) have been sent to Chiang Mai province to inspect the piles of empty cold medicine packages recently found in San Kamphaeng district.

Following the discovery of countless empty packages of cold medicine containing pseudoephedrine which had been discarded into the Kok River in Chiang Mai, director for security-related cases of the Bureau of Security Crime, Police Lieutenant Colonel Sa-ard Sunthorn, said local police officers have given him a detailed briefing on the case. Evidence collected within San Kamphaeng and Mae Ai districts has also been handed over for further investigation.

On April 2, DSI chief Tharit Pengdit will hold a meeting with representatives from seven municipal police stations, under whose jurisdiction pill-smuggling scandals had taken place, to discuss the progress of their investigations. The seven stations consist of San Kamphaeng, Hot, Doi Lo, Kamalasai, Phu Sing, Thong Saen Khan and Udon Thani police stations.

Meanwhile, the Chiang Mai Provincial Public Health Office said local pharmacists, who were held accountable for the missing pills and had earlier been transferred to the office, will now be moved to inactive posts at the Office of Health Science, Public Health Ministry.

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