View Full Version : Bangkok Red Shirt News Monday

  1. The Red Shirt Rally Update Monday 17 May 2010
  2. More beds in Hospitals are ready in Bangkok
  3. No Schools to open in Bangkok
  4. Red Shirts Demand ceasefire
  5. Blood wanted in Bangkok
  6. Bon Kai residents flee from area in Bangkok
  7. Thailand should be united
  8. Their Majesty the King and Queen expressed concerns
  9. CRES ask children to leave Red Shirt Camp
  10. Red Shirts at City Hall Pattaya
  11. Facebook, Twitter and Social Media updates Monday
  12. If you want to leave Bangkok BMA will help you
  13. Chaotic bombs in Chiang Mai Thailand
  14. Foreign tourists flee Bangkok
  15. Soi Ngam Doo Phlee flee from their homes
  16. Red Shirts burn car tyres to protect themselves from being sniped
  17. Open Letter to CNN International
  18. No gas in the truck in Bangkok
  19. Thai CRES says snipers not from us