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  1. New department for films in Thailand
  2. Thai wins A3-Asia Art Award
  3. Thailand in Cannes Film Festival
  4. Uncle Boonmee who can Recall his Past Lives
  5. Short film competition against TB is launched in Thailand
  6. The legend of the King Naresuan cuts budget
  7. Thai Film Awarded in Transylvania International Film Festival
  8. Tony Jaa becomes a Monk
  9. Pattaya Film Festival in the making?
  10. Palme d´Or winning Thai film not censored
  11. Lung Boonmee Raluek Chat selected for Academy Awards
  12. Thai TAT wins PATA Movie Award
  13. Thai films in the 67th Venice film festival
  14. Tiger Award for Mundane History
  15. Thai cartoon will be known
  16. Thai cartoonist grabs Silver Award from 4th International Manga Award
  17. Thai film wins Tiger Awards in Rotterdam film fest
  18. Movie for the Rainy Season in Thailand
  19. Thai wins 2 Awards at Shanghai Film Fest, China
  20. Thai Wins Star Hunter Award in China
  21. Thai Short Film Wins a Special Jury Prize Film Festival
  22. Thai Movies Kon Khon to Oscars Hollywood
  23. 25 of Thai Classic Films Declared National Film Heritage
  24. 10th World Film Festival of Bangkok Thailand 2012
  25. Hong Kong Film Festival in Bangkok Thailand
  26. The Cheer Ambassadors Cheerleading Team’s Inspiring Story
  27. Heaven and Hell (Wong Jorn Pid)
  28. Sat2Mon - Newest Thai Movie
  29. Yes or No 2 Thai Drama Romance Movie
  30. Shambhala Peace & love Thai Movie
  31. Virgin Am I Comedy Romance Thai Movie
  32. Jan Dara Latest Erotic Thai Movie
  33. 9-9-81 Horror Thai Movie
  34. Fighting Fish/ Du Duan Dib - Thai Movie
  35. Yak: The Giant King - Thai Movie
  36. My Name is Love - Thai Movie
  37. Saranae Osekai - New Comedy Thai Movie
  38. Soob Ku Gu Lok - Comedy Movie
  39. 3 A.M. Thai Movie
  40. Rak Jab Jai - Romance Thai Movie
  41. Lost in Thailand big hit in China
  42. The Bankgkok Hilton Bang Kwang Bangkok Film
  43. Thai Police can not Fight
  44. Thailand's Newest Planetarium Now in Phuket
  45. Thailand Bans Film About Thai-Cambodian Border Row
  46. Short Film: The Fall of Ayutthaya
  47. Speculations On Not Screening A Deep South Film
  48. Will Smith Sent a Thank You Card to Woody
  49. The body snatchers of Bangkok