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  1. U.S. Embassy in Thailand Temporarily suspended the non-immigrant visa appointment
  2. British Embassy in Thailand update
  3. Germany Embassy no travel to Bangkok
  4. American Embassy close on Monday
  5. Japanese Embassy staff rescued in Bangkok
  6. USA have updated their status for Thailand
  7. Australia Embassy advising not to travel to Thailand
  8. Town Hall meeting AMERICANS in Bangkok
  9. My deepest gratitude to the Italy Embassy in Bangkok
  10. Updated American Town Hall meeting moved to Internet
  11. Closed Embassies in Bangkok
  12. New Honorary Consul in Pattaya Mr Howard Miller
  13. New US ambassador to Thailand
  14. Visa Warning from Swedish Embassy
  15. URGENT Global travel alert to all US citizens
  16. France's Embassy and Thai Airways HoldAircraft Maintenance
  17. The US Ambassador Ready to Work With All Sides
  18. Flooding Prompts Consulate of British Closure in Chiang Mai
  19. Ambassadors of Thailand to Clarify Flood Situation to The World to Save Local Tourism
  20. Philippines Embassy in Thailand Close 7 November 2011
  21. U.S. Embassy Facebook Page
  22. Denmark Embassy Social Network in Thailand
  23. Embassy of Finland in Bangkok Facebook Page
  24. Sweden Embassy Facebook Page in Thailand
  25. British Consul in Pattaya Out
  26. Swedish Embassy Bangkok Visa Section Close 18 Nov
  27. Video How to Apply for Swedish Visa
  28. We Love Your King US Embassy in Thailand
  29. Danish Ambassador Promoted Helmet Campaign in Thailand
  30. Bomb Plot Thwarted U.S. Embassy Warns
  31. Embassies Issue Traveler Alerts in Thailand
  32. Security Beefed Up At US And Israeli Embassies In Bangkok Thailand
  33. Yingluck Celebrates Chinese New Year at Chinese Embassy
  34. Bhutanese Ambassador To Bid Farewell From Thailand
  35. Thai Foreign Ministry Meet Ambassadors For Terror Alert
  36. European Satisfied With Thai's Security Development
  37. Security Alert In US Consulate In Chiang Mai Thailand
  38. U.S. Ambassador Meets Thai Supreme Commander For Bombings
  39. US Ambassador Discusses NACC Anti Corruption
  40. Welcomes New Lao and Indonesian Ambassadors in Thailand
  41. Embassy of Bangladesh in Thailand
  42. Security Warnings To U.S. Citizens In Thailand
  43. U.S. Embassy In Bangkok Closes In Fear Of Protests
  44. 500 Muslims Protest At US Embassy In Bangkok
  45. French Embassy Will Close On Friday 21 Sep
  46. French Embassy Is Issuing Travel Warnings For Citizens In Thailand
  47. American Embassy open in Bangkok