View Full Version : Thailand Anti Government Demonstrations

  1. Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra address the nation
  2. His Royal Highness the Crown Prince Worried about demonstrations
  3. Anti-government protesters prepare to seize more Ministries
  4. Thai police is gearing up with teargas
  5. Extended Boat Service in Bangkok
  6. Temporary Office for Thailand Transport Minister
  7. Anti-Thaksin will back on 27 Nov
  8. CAPO prohibited Thai Protest from occupying Thai Ministry
  9. Arrest warrent for Suthep Thaugsuban
  10. Thai Prime Minister son Targeted
  11. Thai asked to stay home at night
  12. Bank of Thailand assessing the political situation
  13. CAPO say part of Bangkok not safe
  14. Tour Group avoid Bangkok
  15. Mr. Suthep Thaugsuban Treason?
  16. Video from Above Bangkok Protest
  17. European Union Delegation Statment about Thailand
  18. Police ask demonstrators to leave
  19. Thai Army People in Bangkok Stay Home
  20. Yingluck says no amnesty bill
  21. Thai Police Trucks Missing
  22. Thai TV Neutral
  23. Red Shirt Called off Mass Rally
  24. Thai Army with the People
  25. Shinawatra wants Peace
  26. Thailand Center for the Administration of Peace and Order tell protesters to go home
  27. Democrat party decides to have all of its MPs resigning from the House
  28. Thai governmen want to talk
  29. 180th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Thailand and the US.
  30. Thai Army Return to HQ
  31. Thai CAPO warning to not stop election
  32. STATEMENT by Spokesperson of EU High Representative Catherine Ashton
  33. Chaos in Thai EC registration venue
  34. 500 Police Protest in Bangkok
  35. 8 Thai southern provinces unable to register election
  36. 53 countries support Thai Election
  37. Chulalongkorn Hospital During Shutdown
  38. Mental Health Problems in Bangkok during Shutdown
  39. 40 countries have issued or upheld travel warnings for Thailand
  40. Gas Station open during Bangkok Shutdown
  41. Transport Hotline during Bangkok Shutdown 1356
  42. Parking for Shutdown Bangkok
  43. 56 Compaines of Police in Bangkok
  44. Big Bangkok Universities Closed during Shutdown
  45. CAPO Complaint Center for Shutdown Bangkok
  46. Call Tourist's Friend Centers during Shutdown
  47. Bangkok is safe during shutdown says Thai PM
  48. Amnesty International must protect and respect human rights Thailand
  49. No Loudspeakers in Bangkok
  50. Command Center for Bangkok Shutdown